Wednesday, July 26, 2017

COMMAND: Northern Inferno Scenario 10: An Eye for an Eye


Despite early warning, the Soviet use of nuclear weapons against mainland UK RAF bases came as a rude shock. The Prime Minister, with consultation with his Defence Staff, have agreed to order a retaliatiory strike against the Kola Peninsula.

The use of Polaris SLBMs or Vulcan B.2 bombers for a nuclear strike has been ruled out as their employment could escalate the situation into full-scale nuclear war, and these precious assets need to be withheld as the ultimate bargaining chip.

The majority of RAF bases in Scotland have been wiped out in a second-wave strike conducted by Soviet SSGNs firing nuclear cruise missiles, and RAF's nuclear-capable Buccaneer strikers in the UK midlands do not have the necessary range to conduct a strike, as recent losses have severely limited tanker support.

This means that the Fleet Air Arm must undertake the mission. 809 Sqn Buccaneer S.2Ds based on HMS Ark Royal have been ordered to conduct nuclear strikes on the Kola Peninsula.

The Ark Royal group now enters the Soviet backyard, to deliver the Queen's vengeance.

Monday, July 24, 2017

Boldrdash Kids & Family Rocky Point 2016

September 10, 2016
This was to be the second BoldrDash Kids and Family race that my family did, and it would be held at Rocky Point, Rhode Island, the site where an amusement park used to be. I had been there several times as a kid myself, my favorite being the Corkscrew, a roller coaster that lived up to its name.

There was no sign of the amusement park now; it was all covered in grass and all the of the rides and buildings were gone. Instead, there were lots of BoldrDash obstacles.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

COMMAND: Northern Inferno Scenario 9: Fox Two

For the past few weeks northern Norwegian airfields have been pummeled by Soviet forces, rendering them unsuitable for fixed-wing operations. Forward-deployed RAF units have now withdrawn to airbases in Scotland to bolster home defence.

So far the United Kingdom has not been directly attacked; but now intelligence has suggested that the UKADGE and northern airfields are next on the target list.

Recon flights and satellite imagery have detected multiple bomber regiments fueled and armed with supporting assets in the Kola Peninsula. These forces are expected to be the spearhead of an attack on the UK mainland.

Will the RAF be able to protect the Crown and country once more?

Monday, July 17, 2017

Savage Race 2017

July 15, 2017
There was a lot of anticipation for this race. Word of its good reputation had spread from other parts of the country and so many people were looking forward to it coming to New England.

From looking into it ahead of time, it looked much like a Spartan Race, but without the Spartan elitism. Similar obstacles, but with some fun ones thrown in. Spartan Race seems to be all about brute strength, whereas Tough Mudder's shtick is more about teamwork and mental obstacles, and the vibe I got from Savage Race was somewhere in between.

Insane Inflatable 5k 2016

September 3, 2016
After the debacle that was the Samurai Sprint (not the race's fault, but rather my injuring my shoulders and not feeling good enough as a racer), I decided to focus a little more on "fun" races.

This race was the "Insane Inflatable 5k", a 5k race where the obstacles were all inflatable "bouncy house" type obstacles. I didn't think that my 5-year-old son would be up for the distance, and that coupled with the price made me decide to so only with my 7-year-old daughter. That turned out to be a good decision.